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Between Me & You – Julio Fernandez

Between Me & You – Julio Fernandez

You put on some make up to make up whats lost
but all that is made up, your beauty is love
You put on some make up, to me your just fine.
I know who you are girl
Don’t need to hide girl

One two i just want to be with you
Bring you all the love you need
Just enough for me and you
I don’t want to see you suffer
Yeah you’ve got enough of that
This is a new chapter baby tell me what you think of that
If you could see what i see in you
Things could be clear between me and you

I know i know i haven’t been lately
My time, my attention is all yours
You deserve all that and more
You’re my babe you’re my better half

Julio Fernandez
Montreal, CANADA

Note: featured image by Dan Hunter

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