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In The Beginning There Was The Word

In The Beginning There Was The Word
The energy around my mind
Produces electrical currents
That emit dream-like thoughts
Empowering my fingers to write
Letters that become words
Words that become ideas
Ideas that enrich life
I let the energy flow
Electricity circulates
Emitting inventive fluids
That empower my progress
Words are not just the sum of letters
Ideas are more than just empty words
Life is ideas struck by ThUnDeR
The invention of the written word is where we begin our story. It is here, 3200 B.C.E. that we find our origins. The ancient Mesopotamians wrote down for the first time ever, ideas they had in their mind. We are still uncovering how important that development was. Ancient texts still play a big role in how we think and live. The easiest observation would be to look at religion. It is within this context that we find the importance of things written thousands of years ago. Words have shaped our history and continue to influence everything around us.
Building blocks on sacred rocks
Stepping stones to a world unknown
In ancient ruins life unfolds
Hidden within walls of old¹
Let’s fast forward to the present and this is what we find. A world that is confusing and complicated to steer through. Technology has been overwhelmingly positive in its impact, but there are some drawbacks. The most obvious being that although we are more connected, we are equally as disconnected. We can better navigate through this minefield of constant stimulation that disconnects us, by going back to our origins. In the same way that our ancestors used the art of story-telling to make sense of their experiences, we can also do the same.
I am free to be what I want to be
I will not be what you want me to be
Unless it’s simply to be me
Writing begins with a thought. A thought that is produced by imagination and creativity. A process that we can all engage in. All you need to do is spend time with children to know that it is possible. They observe the world through imaginative eyes. They marvel at the most insignificant details. They get excited about the simple things that we dismiss. It is that mentality that our ancestors also had. 
The world unearthed by the hands of a child,
uncovers what lies hidden beneath consciousness.¹
Write because it is the most human thing you can do. Write because in a complex world, there is little else you can do to make sense of it all. Write because you have a story to tell, whether you know it or not. Write because you can shape and make history this way.

Write because it makes you immortal.

Jorge Robleto
Hannover, GERMANY

Note: featured image by David Hernández
¹Poems written in collaboration with 7.

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