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Like Heaven – Enoch Attey

Like Heaven – Enoch Attey

You feel like heaven to me x4

Early in the morning when I wake up You’re the very first I wish to see Nothing in this world could ever compare Baby baby babe you’re all I need.

Staring in your eyes is something special Breathing in your locks is so divine Honey how do I express my love love (For ya) Yea I’m really glad that you are mine.

You’re my love your so divine Yes my dearest from above Sweetest song to grace my ears Special gift, your straight from God.

Your the marrow to my bone You’re the current to my heartbeat The flow in my veins And the colors of my sunny day.

Enoch Attey
Edmonton, CANADA


1 thought on “Like Heaven – Enoch Attey”

  • You are certainly one of the most talented musicians I have ever met. You make it seem like the guitar is an extension of your body. I close my eyes and I can feel the music in the inner most parts of my soul crying out, “this is what REAL MUSIC is supposed to sound like.”

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