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Love Robbery Remix – Julio Fernandez

Love Robbery Remix – Julio Fernandez

1st verse
You see this love was like house break middle of the night in the dark creep and all this shit you never see em’
In the end you cant believe em’
Took she need and took she off unseen
Ahhh shees a player all-star team shes a player
Hold up bring that thing back
Girl now bring that shit back
Girl Im heartless blindsided from the curves, man you knew you skuurr
But its on me tho should of seen it coming its on me tho!
Now i need some help now

2nd verse
Yeah red dress on high heels on
The way that your moving had me thinking i could make you my misses
Then you went missing
We got a runner 5 feet tall visuals we gotta have her
What you mean we lost her
We just had her about a week ago
Week ago stole my heart about a week ago i wish it could be different but in the meanwhile she still gon missing

Julio Fernandez
Montreal, CANADA

Note: featured image by Samson Bush

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