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The Boxer

The Boxer

Thousands of people gathered at Madison Square Garden to watch the most anticipated fight of the year. It was going to be a fight between an established super star and a tough young fighter from Russia.

The Russian fighter was waiting anxiously in his dressing room but as time dragged on he got bored and dozed off into a dream. In his dream he watched himself walk into the ring. The bell rang and the fight began. People cheered wildly as the super star attacked him ruthlessly. After the first round, it was clear who the better fighter was. This beating continued for 10 rounds until he finally fell to the ground and couldn’t get back up.

He woke up abruptly and walked into the ring for his fight.

What I admire most about boxers is their ability to stare fear in the eyes and keep coming forward. It’s a brutal sport, but one that parallels real life.

In life we will all face hardships, obstacles, problems, sickness and death. In that moment we will have a choice to make. We can try and escape our problems through any number of distractions available (drugs, alcohol, excessive partying, gambling, etc.) or we can choose to face our problems directly.

Jorge Robleto
Edmonton, CANADA

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