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The Candy Drug Cartels

The Candy Drug Cartels

The government of Canada realized how bad candy was for the health of kids and outlawed all sugary treats in the country. This sent shock-waves throughout the entire country. Parents were having a hard time explaining this situation to their kids except to say, “this is the law so we have to obey.”

It seemed like the country was winning the war on candy until one day a 6th grader was caught with a Kit Kat in the school bathroom. Where did it come from? How did he get his hands on it? The police began an investigation and soon discovered a candy cartel bringing candy into the country from the American side.

They arrested the culprits and created laws that would punish any candy smuggler to 20 years in prison. They also started a campaign educating people on the negative effects of candy.

After twenty years of this law being in place, the illegal candy trade was booming more than ever. Candy was readily available in all corners of the country, and there was little law enforcement could do to eliminate it. The government had spent millions of dollars on border protection and law enforcement, but the problem had only gotten worse. Parliament finally gave up and got rid of these laws banning candy.

Ironically, candy consumption lowered from that point forward.

Jorge Robleto
Edmonton, CANADA

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