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The Day Superman Retired

The Day Superman Retired

We are fascinated by superheroes on the big screen. But we overlook the superheroes that walk among us.  People like you and I; doing extraordinary things.

Superman was nearing the age of 65 and was still fighting against the evil forces in the world. Every night he would go home tired and weary of what had become an unfulfilling routine. In spite of all his efforts, the world remained in a state of chaos.

He’d wake up each morning to the cries of people asking for help. Kids being kidnapped, gangs gunning down their rivals, drug cartels declaring war on the police, to the more dangerous super-villains that kept coming back for more.

On his 65th birthday he decided to retire. The citizens of the world didn’t know what to do. “Who will save us from the bad guys?” they cried out.

There was no answer.

Jorge Robleto
Edmonton, CANADA

Note: featured image by Dan Hunter

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