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Crimson Red

Crimson Red

Even though I stared deep into his eyes I couldn’t see past my own reflection trapped in the highlight of his pupil.
His eyes are the blackest black like the earliest hours in the night, he’s mysterious and dark in a way but he pulls me in.
Never would I dare to take a second look at a man like him but as they say — never say never.
He’s imprinted into my very mind and soul, the way he licks his lips, the way he effortlessly smiles — I couldn’t forget.
It’s a tug of war between my heart and my mind. I’d be crazy to fall in deep for him but I’m already knee deep and sinking quick.
A bad boy, a rebel, someone out of the ordinary. It was he who walked in through those doors on that very day, dressed in his best. Dressed in red.

Crimson Red.

Angelica Cornejo
Edmonton, CANADA

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