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Doing Less is the Answer to Achieving More

Doing Less is the Answer to Achieving More

His head was being pushed under water; he had almost lost the ability to breathe. With layoffs, due dates, and antagonizing clients, Paul was drowning in commitments.

So much to do, so little time…

So much to do, so little time… Played on a loop over and over again in his head.

7 a.m. His alarm rang. And raaaaaaang. And raaaaaaaaang. But like a parent accustomed to screaming children, the shrieks and sounds were muted.

Paul finally got out of bed at 10 a.m. and made a decision. He waited impatiently for his family to get home that evening and revealed that they were all going to take a vacation. It had been two years since they had done anything remotely close to being considered a vacation, so his wife was hesitant to believe him. She understood how much his work required of him at this time, and although it had taken a toll on their family life, she was somehow managing to stay above water. His son jumped up and down and went upstairs to pack his bags.

The drive to the airport was torturous. Traffic was tortoise-like. It felt like they were swimming against a strong current.

With boarding pass in hand, luggage stored safely in the overhead compartment, Paul was starting to feel his lungs expand for the first time in months.

They arrived at the hotel and settled in. His son insisted on putting on his swimming trunks and going down to the beach, and since it was still before noon, Paul agreed.

They played and they laughed. They dove and they swam. The pressure of the days before were slowly dissipating. Paul could see that his son had something on the tip of his tongue that he wanted to say, so Paul asked, “is something on your mind son?”

“Yes daddy, why do adults stress so much?”
“Because they never have enough time.”
“Enough time for what, dad?”
“To do more stuff.”
“Then maybe they should do less,”
said the young boy.

So they did.

Jorge Robleto
Hannover, GERMANY

Note: featured image by Josue Mejia

2 thoughts on “Doing Less is the Answer to Achieving More”

  • There is so much to see and analyze in this drawing. I hope one day you can explain all the symbolism to me. I particularly enjoy the depictions of nature. The rain, clouds, sun and moon make me think about the cycle of life and how lucky we are to be alive each morning. I can’t wait to check out what you create next!

  • Very interesting drawing. I would like to know what the all the patterns and symbols represent because I can only guess and make my assumptions.

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