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Heaven said to me, “let’s go out and play. I’ll be the teacher and you be the student.” She tugged at my arm and I followed obediently behind.

“Everyone listen now. The class is about to begin. Today we will learn about where babies come from…” I smiled as I listened to five year old Heaven teach the imaginary class.

“Now I’ll be your dentist, and you be my patient. Open wiiiiiiiide!” she said to me as she leaned forward with scissors in her hands meant to be a dental probe.

Then she got on her bike and chased me around. “I’m coming for you! I’m gonna get you!” I ran and I ran as if running for my life.

The days went by like ice-cream on a hot sunny day. We played and we sang and we talked and we ran. And we disappeared to far away places and imagined a world where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Jorge Robleto
Edmonton, CANADA

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