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Three Wishes

Three Wishes

A young boy was walking through a park and saw something glittering by the edge of a tree. Curiously he walked towards the tree to see what it was. To his amazement, what he had found was a genie lamp. He had watched Aladdin so he knew to rub the lamp to see if a genie would emerge. He rubbed it until the lamp started to shake, and in the blink of an eye, a genie floated up beside him.

“Thank you for releasing me from my prison. As compensation I will grant you three wishes. Only condition is, you cannot wish for more wishes.”

The boy stood with his mouth wide open, and it took him a few seconds to regain his composure and say, “I would like a bigger house for my family. We have the smallest house on the block, and I don’t want that anymore.” The genie snapped his fingers, and in an instant he was standing in the living room of a brand new three-storey house. He started to run all around the house shouting every time he entered a different room.

The next day he decided to take a different path on his way back home, and he found himself in a luxurious neighbourhood with mansions and big gates guarding the entrances. He thought to himself, “these houses are bigger than mine, maybe I should have asked for a bigger house than what I got from the genie.” So for his second wish he asked the genie to give him an even bigger house, with a pool in the back and a huge gate in the entrance. The genie snapped his fingers, and his wish became a reality. “Now,” thought the boy, “I will be the happiest boy in the world!”

That night he sat in the living room watching t.v. with his family, and the show MTV Cribs came on. The episode featured a famous celebrity showing off his mansion on a secluded tropical island in the Caribbean. Palm trees surrounded the complex, and he had his own private beach and yacht at his disposal. The boy shouted at the t.v., “I want that mansion!” He called the genie one last time and said, “genie, I want that house!” The genie snapped his fingers and before he knew it, he was standing on the beach overlooking the enormous mansion he had seen on t.v. “Now this is the happiest day of my life!” yelled out the boy to no one in particular.

He took the yacht out to sea to explore. All was going well until he arrived at the next island and saw the most beautiful mansion he had ever seen in his life.

Jorge Robleto
Edmonton, CANADA

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