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One Dimensional by Dan Hunter

One Dimensional by Dan Hunter

Keep everything one dimensional
Basic, nostalgic, routinely and flat-lined
Tilt not to the left, tilt not the right
After a full day turn off the light
Rise, step, drive, sit
Sundown to sundown
Emotions are not important here
Breakthroughs are not cherished
New births, new beginnings
Are better left unsaid
Challenges are not welcomed
Change of suits are not needed
One pair of shoes
More don’ts than dos

Rise, step, drive, sit
Sundown to sundown

Keep it one dimensional
Live in your confessional
Raise not your voice
Here you have no choice

What’s the inspiration for this poem? One of my thoughts for this poem was being tired of the weekly routines we do. Nothing to challenge ourselves with and nothing to break free from to try new things. We just keep it all at a mediocre level.

Dan Hunter
Miami, USA

Note: featured image by Joey Dillon

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