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One Love ft. Ronin & Young Illusion

One Love ft. Ronin & Young Illusion

“I just started getting into videography not even 2 months before I shot One Love. I was using cameras that weren’t mine, not doing music videos but doing photography with them, got a lot of props on the photos I was taking motivating me to take it to the next level & get serious with it. When I got the chance I bought myself some gear, a Canon 6D, couple clean lenses, & something to edit on. I was new to the video scene & hungry to get videos out there. Most of my close friends in YEG make music but had no visuals. I wanted to help establish a bigger name for the many talented artists in YEG that don’t get the recognition that they deserve. So I started reaching out to some of my friends offering music videos for them. Making a video feels awesome, watching your work & seeing yourself progress, getting the positive feedback. I feel as if I can create almost anything with my camera. My camera is my best friend.”

From the beat, to the rappers, to the videography; this is pure YEG talent. —The Heart And Mind

Directed By: Joey Dillon
Edmonton, CANADA

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