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Save the Date || Spoken Word

Save the Date || Spoken Word

September 27th. I’m anxious, nervous, excited. Untameable feelings and hundreds of thoughts, all race through my mind like a Cheetah in the Savanna.

When I was seven I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I was 18. Confused about life but believing wholeheartedly in love. Love came and was gone in the blink of an eye and time passed like a hurricane, leaving disaster behind. My heart. Broken. Numerous times, and when I turned 26 I said, “I’m tired of love.” Such a young age to give up on love but I was certain that love had given up on me.

You see, the mind is proud, easily offended and quick to dismiss. But the heart… The heart is resilient, forgiving and hopeful. You can hurt it and break it, and yet it declares, “I am able to love in spite of the past.”

The battle of the heart and mind. And for a time. My mind was the victor.

I once believed in magical things like happiness and joy and even in love. But they say life is no fairy tale, and reality gave me plenty to doubt. Faithless, defeated, I wandered about. I could not believe in what I could not see. Where could love be found when all I saw was divorce?

But then… like cold water thrown on a sleeping body, I was awaken abruptly by her arrival. We knew each other for years. As friends. But in this one moment of inexplicable emotions, I saw her as love in the flesh. I touched love and leaned forward to kiss her with trembling lips. I held her close and experienced a rebirth within me. With her kisses she breathed life into my lungs and I knew nothing would ever be the same again.

Life is a fairytale, sometimes. And in my fairytale I slay the dragon of fear, I climb over the tower of doubt and win the heart of the princess. Not because I’m strong or brave, but because she helps me believe in a principle that says, “try again.”

Get up. Clean up the bruises. Keep moving forward. Love. Again.

September 27th. The day my heart shows to the world it can love again. So Save the Date.

Jorge Robleto
Edmonton, CANADA

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