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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone


Artwork courtesy of Katy Mendez

When Heaven smiled, flowers would bloom. When she would laugh, everyone around felt warm sun rays brighten up their faces. When she played, it was as if all of creation sang in harmony songs of joy and celebration.

For as long as she could remember, right before falling asleep Heaven would always hear the words…

I am with you through the night, I will guide you to the light. Look for me when you can’t see, close to you I’ll always be.

Those words brought her so much comfort when she was sad, but as time passed she heard the voice less and less frequently.

Heaven felt abandoned. She could not understand why things had changed. She felt the absence and cried every night.

The flowers withered. The sun no longer shone. And nature became silent.

Grandma saw her tiny treasure in pain and came up with a plan. She spoke with the flowers, negotiated with the sun and asked all the creatures around for their help.

The next day she brought Heaven out to a field and said, “We are your family and we love you dearly.” In that instant every flower bloomed into dozens of colors, the sun hugged her with its warmth, and all the animals sang to her.

She then knew she was not alone.

Jorge Robleto
Edmonton, CANADA

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