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Over Here in the Wild West || Spoken Word

Over Here in the Wild West || Spoken Word

Over here in the wild west we’ve got fire in our belly and steel in our chest
We’re a boom town consume town we boom til we bust
And when the dam breaks…This world ain’t big enough for all of us.
We elect politicians to lay down the law
Where ammunition is money:
Now draw.

Boom to the weak, Boom to the old,
Boom to the systems leaching our gold
See over here in the wild west
It’s every man for himself and the market knows best
Fight for your property, keep government hands off it
You can fight for your country, just kill people, not profits.

But don’t blame us for the way that we are
We learn by example, we watch from afar
We’re taught how to covet greed, gluttony, wrath:
If countries were people they’d be sociopaths.
They don’t show compassion when times are hard,
They don’t lend an ear or send sympathy cards.
They shrug off misfortune, let unrest go ignored
Or impose ideologies by starting up wars.

Over here in the wild west
We cause these huge problems and then get obsessed
With defending our honour, with passing out fault
As though we’re not the cause of a global assault
But climate change is human error
Terrorism stems from terror
We’ve murdered meritocracy
We strive for mediocrity
We’re governed by bureaucracy
Rest in peace, democracy.

I propose some changes be made
Every government should have to pass the first grade
Respect differences, don’t fight, play fair
Swallow their pride, learn how to share.

Over here in the wild west
We’ve got some issues that we must lay to rest
We have fear that binds us, ignorance blinds us,
A history of violence and hatred behind us…

We’ll figure out peace when we figure out kindness.

What is the inspiration for this poem? The western world today is deeply flawed: we’re pushed toward competition but we deviate toward compassion. I truly believe that if we, as a global nation, admit we have a lot of problems, we’ll begin to move to overcome them…with kindness.

Charlotte Cranston
Edmonton, CANADA

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