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The Tail of the Loco Coyote

The Tail of the Loco Coyote

This poem started off as a personal challenge to write a narrative about someone I thought was the exact opposite from myself. I like to think that I’m not the Loco Coyote, but I have more in common with him than I care to admit. We’re both lone wolfs, we both leave our luggage at the hotel door, and we both have fun whenever we can scrape up enough change. When I brought this poem to Leif Ingebrigtsen, a local musician and producer as well as one of my closest friends, we talked about the kind of music you hear in a dingy bar on a weekday: the slack-jawed saxophone player and the liquid electric keyboard were pivotal in pulling off the fun and quirky side of the poem.

Liam Coady – TallTales & the Tinkerbox
Edmonton, CANADA

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