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Beyond Every Spoken Word || Sara Al Souqi

Beyond Every Spoken Word || Sara Al Souqi

Clivenne is an extraordinary young girl with so much love for a world she barely comprehends. Born deaf, she faced so many obstacles in an unequipped society that has dutifully set her back in her education. Despite this, she has grown to be the definition of resilience; she is a happy, cheerful, full of life young girl who gives this world a lot more love than it has given her, a lot more than it deserves… Deafness is not a disability, but a society that is unable to comprehend human diversity, is. At the age of 9 Clivenne underwent a successful cochlear implant & is now hearing. She enjoys the sound of phone ring tones & is amazed that the world can hear sounds & music, like her, too. This girl has pushed me beyond myself & never fails to make me smile. She is my sunshine, my happy world, my hope in this world.

Sara Al Souqi
Edmonton, CANADA

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