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The Game by 7

The Game by 7
She promised she’d never lie
She swore I was her true love
There I sat, licking at my wounds with liquor
Trying to soak away the pain from my tears
But the (self) loathing only became thicker
Suddenly a flicker,
Her flaming gaze captured my eyes
Captivated my full attention
Temptress I immediately thought
Why, She could fill my emptiness for a night’s feast
Why was I just yelping?
I forgot
It doesn’t matter, this is what I want
This is what I need
My approach is calculated
A slick manouver through the crowd
She smirks, I grin
She walks away
Let the games begin
Her teasing touch
Stimulates my primal instinct
Her alluring scent
Overcomes my senses and
Lures me in to take a bite
A maze of wonder
Euphoric infatuation
consumed by her nature
She leads me in
to her domain
She growls as an infuriated queen
Gently, passionately, I tame her
Her line of defence slowly crumbles
As I keep knocking down her pawns
I claim my prize and grasp for…
“Not so fast” she cries
A mocking smile
My heart in her hands
She unveils the labyrinth
Her web of deception
Here I am
Once again
Licking at my wounds with liquor
Poem by 7
Note: featured image by Myrna Cronopio

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