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Ignite – Lora Bidner ft. JustJamaal ThePoet

Ignite – Lora Bidner ft. JustJamaal ThePoet

Lora and I created this piece together. She approached me with the idea to write about finding oneself after being lost in despair. At the time she had just recovered from a crisis, while I was just finding myself again after a two year bout with depression. So she requested I write the spoken word and she would sing the hook and play the piano. We came together over eight months of writing and recording and eventually filmed it. It was done on cottage grounds in Quebec.

This song is dedicated to every person who has experienced depression or crisis at one time in their life. If you find yourself close to the edge, we encourage you to reach out, and if you know anybody that needs help, please don’t turn away. Your support may be the only reason for them to hold on. “As long as there is life, there will always be light.” – JustJamaal ThePoet

JustJamaal ThePoet
Ottawa, CANADA

Lora Bidner
Toronto, CANADA

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