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Year of the Tiger/Destiny – K-Riz ft. Ahmed Knowmadic

Year of the Tiger/Destiny – K-Riz ft. Ahmed Knowmadic


About YOTT – It was written in 2010. This version was recorded in 2012/2013 for an album I was working on called “Destiny.” The album was scrapped. I met Knowmadic at Rouge Lounge (Downtown Edmonton). His poetry moved me, so I asked him if he could come and set the album off with his blessing and he delivered.

The track is about being fearless and being ready to lead. At that point in time I felt like I had “arrived” and I was ready to show that no matter what came my way or who tried to instill fear into me I was ready and I still am.

Toronto, CANADA

Ahmed Ali Mohamud
Edmonton, CANADA

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