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7 Q’s with Shakeyra Pinnock

7 Q’s with Shakeyra Pinnock

Shakeyra Pinnock is a visual artist from the island of Jamaica and is passionately pursuing a career as a visual artist. She now lives in the city of Edmonton, Canada and has been commissioned to perform artistically in a number of different events.

What got you into painting initially?

I grew up drawing. I was quite talented from early on. I only recently started painting when I lost my job in 2013. I took it up as a hobby and got great response from Facebook friends and family.

So you were good at painting right away as well, and what helped you continue doing it? 

Ya. I was surprisingly good. I have gotten increasingly better since then. But I love it just as much as I did drawing….maybe even more. It made me realize how much I missed art and how therapeutic it was.

Is there a main theme that you feel yourself painting either on purpose or without much thought?

Yes. I tend to paint Afro/African art. I’ve always found that there’s a lack of ‘Black Art’ and once I started painting I focused on black women specifically. I feel that the art community has very little representatives in this area. I feel this is because as a black woman I want to see beautiful art that I can relate to or that speaks to me in a certain way.

What are your personal emotions or thoughts you have in your mind while you are painting?

I am a very spiritual person. I tend to pray before paintings or listen to gospel music it puts me at peace.

What is the main message you intend to portray with your art?

I just want to paint beautiful pieces that move people. My intention is that my art ignites an excitement in people that that don’t find in other artistic pieces. Like I said before I feel like I represent the black community and I intend to make them love themselves thru art.

What is the greatest reward you receive from your artistic expression? 

The greatest reward so far is that thru my art and my new found passion and pursuit my 6 year old niece has become inspired and has discovered the artistic talent inside of her. She’s tapped into her potential early and I’m proud.

What are your future desires or accomplishments that you aim to achieve with your art?

I would love for art to be my sole income. Where I can have a steady stream of commissions and events. I’d basically love to be my own boss and pursue something I’m passionate about.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you all the best in your artistic pursuits. —The Heart and Mind

Shakeyra Pinnock
Edmonton, CANADA

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