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Angelitos Negros – Falana

Angelitos Negros – Falana

Angelitos Negros, as performed on my debut EP, Things Fall Together, is a cover of a song adapted from a poem “Pintame Angelitos Negros” written by a Venuzuelan poet Andres Eloy Blanco. The song itself was written by Manual Alvarez Maciste and Andres Blanco Guzman.

The song has many variations including by Cuban singer Antonio Machin, and my personal favourite by Roberta Flack (a personal musical influence of mine) on her 1969 album First Take.

I was actually first introduced to the song by a mentor and former professor. In english, the title of the song translates to Black little Angels. The song for me was an incredibly eloquent way of questioning perceptions of race, or more specifically blackness. Things Fall Together was recorded in Havana Cuba, where I lived for some time studying and exploring music. So it was not only fitting to have a song in spanish on the project, but also I was very drawn to the poignance of the song. I adore when creativity and art is used as a medium to address worldly issues.

The music video was also an opportunity to provide equally as eloquent, creative and indirect commentary through visuals. Also, I wanted my english speaking fans to take something away from the song even without understanding the lyrics (outside the title).

The video was shot by an incredibly talented director and cinematographer Sean Van Wert.

Toronto, CANADA

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