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Brain Ponderings by Ana Moca-Grama

Brain Ponderings by Ana Moca-Grama

My brain informed me it could be a genius.
If only you could focus, he said.
If only your tunnel vision could expand into an universal vision.
One where you are one.

My brain then proceeded to make me feel stupid.
If only I could focus, I sighed.
If only I could visualize the good parts before losing myself into the self-depreciating void.

My brain doesn’t listen to me all that often.
It travels incessantly down roads that shouldn’t exist.
It wakes me up in the middle of some agitated sleep
Convincing me, for even a second, that everything is futile.

Brains are half genius, half destruction machines, but how can you reach a balance when certainty and control are the ever elusive concepts we seek our entire lives, only to get overwhelmed by their lack of presence?

My brain just whispered: “Nothing is ever certain. The future is unknown. All that matters is trying to be the best you can. In this world of uncertainty, we might as well love ourselves as much as we love each other, even though the sky might be falling down eventually.

What is the inspiration behind this poem? The poem touches subjects which have been on my mind for a long time, the mind is one of the recurrent themes in my writings. First, some context: I began writing constantly in my teens, back when I was going through some really rough times, and putting my thoughts on a piece of paper proved to be great therapy, so I use this process as means to discover myself and the world, to find missing links and answers which would otherwise elude me or come way too late. All of my writings are spontaneous, written in that state of mind which one could define as “flow”, and in this case it led me to the issues we all have at one point or another. Inspiration comes from everywhere, really, I can’t put my finger on the things which influence the process of writing, especially because it’s so free flow, it’s just pouring out of my subconscious mind, which works in mysterious ways.

Ana Moca-Grama
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Note: featured image by Katy Mendez

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