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Life Light Lens by Damon Fraietta

Life Light Lens by Damon Fraietta

My name is Damon Fraietta. It is not about what you do, it is about what you love to do, this is what I love, and I do it for you.

This is how I approach my career as a photographer, I love exploring the world around me, and the many different experiences I have had. I am working with the light and life around me, and the lens that lets me bring it back to viewers like yourself.

It is the core belief for my company lifelightlens, and the reason I don’t believe in specialization. If you have the life, the light, and the lens, you have what you need.

You can find me on lifelightlens.com after the New Year, on Instagram as @lifelightlens, or on Facebook as Damon Fraietta.

Damon Fraietta
Edmonton, CANADA

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