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Watch This Musician Address Poverty in the Most Powerful Way

Watch This Musician Address Poverty in the Most Powerful Way

Earlier this year I was walking around the old iHuman. A couple of youths had just shared some really deep stuff with me. I was thinking, this is really frontline work. What would happen if one of these youth divulged this information to a church member… this is what i’m going through. The response would probably be, I’ll pray for you.

That’s not enough.

This song came out of that. Initially I was really nervous. I didn’t want it to be another song; planned out, structured. I wanted it be real; to speak truth.

The first place I played it was 5 minutes after finishing it, I played it for my youth. I played it on the speakers and they loved it. They thought it was cool. It was nice to get that validation.

It’s not something I have really talked about, but it’s my story too because I’m accustomed to poverty. It’s weird how poverty messes with you. You can’t see anything beyond that. When my parents moved us from Ivory Coast, we moved from a comfortable life to practically having nothing and relying on others for everything. We didn’t even have furniture. My dad would tell us we were camping. It was tough times.

But seeing these kids who go through poverty and trauma, on top of that the stigma, the labeling, and on top of that they’re pushed down. That’s where the song comes from. It’s not the typical perspective. it’s about questioning the status quo.

My favourite line is, “Is there something more than prayer that I can offer.”

P.S. Make sure to support and vote for Enoch right here: http://www.myunitedwayvoice.ca/ He is taking part in a project that is trying to bring awareness to the issue of poverty.

Enoch Attey
Edmonton, CANADA

Note: featured image by Joey Dillon

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