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The Montreal Metro Project by Chris Forsyth

The Montreal Metro Project by Chris Forsyth

Transporting upwards of 1 million passengers daily, Montreal’s metro system is at the core of the city’s urban identity. Rushing to and from, commuters rarely spare a moment to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. Beginning in October of 2014, The Montreal Metro Project captures the often overlooked architecture, art, and design of Montreal’s metro system. Encapsulating the unique beauty of many of Montreal’s 68 stations, the project explores the system that makes city life in Montreal possible.

Contrasting the motion and stillness of these spaces, photographs often compose stations free of people, as rarely seen during regular commutes. In doing so, the unique architectural beauty of each station becomes the focal point. Through long exposure photography, rushing blue and white trains become bold stripes, and escalators become metal slides. Framed within the architectural styles of the time, the graphic motion inherent in these stations, and their colorful nature creates striking images shedding new light on old stations.

As stations are renovated, signage is redesigned, and the metro approaches its 50th anniversary, The Montreal Metro Project serves as an archive, reminding us of the ever present beauty that is Montreal’s metro system.

Chris Forsyth
Montréal, CANADA

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