If You Are Feeling Down about a Failed Romance Then Listen to This Song

I’m a producer and singer-songwriter currently living in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. My style is influenced by bands like The Lumineers and Of Monsters & Men, somewhere between indie-folk, blues and lo-fi like Feist, although I like to say I don’t really have a genre. I enjoy creating songs really as a form of self-therapy, I feel I’m able to communicate better through music than in day to day life.

Lyrically and melodically, most of my songs are somewhere between being quite literal, but quite whimsical and playful. I produce all my tracks here in my apartment, I really like that these days anyone can create a big sound out of such a little amount of space.

Tim Timmi
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Note: featured image by Katy Mendez

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