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Can We Keep Talking for Another Day ’till All Our Days are Over?

Can We Keep Talking for Another Day ’till All Our Days are Over?

we’re talking again.
and it doesn’t get old.
i’m feeling young again with your words.
taking me back to when it was us against the world.
and i didn’t know that i miss you.
the feeling washing over me like an angry wave.
and i’m scared to ask you.
are we going to stop talking again.
i can feel it.
we’re both on the edge.
scared of that moment that will take us away.
take us away from each other.
so we tread carefully over the words we say.
not wanting to break the dam that will let it all slip away.
all the words we try so hard not to say.
just wanting to keep this going for one more day.
and with each day it gets harder to hold our breath.
to hold our breath for when that moment comes.
foolish of us to think we are good at goodbyes.
we never really knew how to say goodbye.
no, not really.
just a smile saying all that we can’t say.
an embrace to make up for all of those that we’ll wish for.
holding hands till the very last second.
thinking it will keep us from falling apart.
holding back tears.
thinking it will keep the other stronger.
we’re talking again.
and it doesn’t get old.
and i’m scared to ask you.
can we keep talking for another day till all our days are over.

What is the inspiration for this piece? Keep Talking came to me at a time when I started talking to someone who I haven’t heard from in years. He was everything I hoped love would be about. Then life came in the way and we had to go our separate ways. Everything came back to us when we started talking again; how we loved each other, how we couldn’t say goodbye when we had to. We still talk to each other, but it is a different kind of love now, an appreciative one.

Razan Z Sam
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Note: featured image by Damon Fraietta

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