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How Pain and Loss Can Lead Us to Hope

How Pain and Loss Can Lead Us to Hope

I sit alone in your room

in your chair

in silence brimming with loss

and air so empty it chokes me.

It is all around

without escape

and must consume and carve

before it fills the

hollow in my chest.

Loss is the space

between the ceiling and the floor

space that holds me together

in this room

in this chair.

So I breathe in

the loss of a friend

because the emptiness

may be what makes me breathe

deeper each time.

What is the inspiration for this piece? Life is unpredictable; it teeters on a delicate balance that can tip anytime. Everything that you value could be gone like that. I say this not to be cynical, but to offer hope. Loss is a force that consumes, but it also allows us to be filled again with something better. Without pain we wouldn’t know that we need friendship, love, support, air, or even a God. Most of us don’t think about breathing, but try holding your breath and see how much you’ll start to think about it! Breathing is kind of like living, we don’t think about it until its endangered. If we never lose sometimes how could we know that there are better things to gain and bigger questions to get answered? One of my favourite bible texts asks what good is it for man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul. I read that and think of the painful loss my family and I have faced recently and can only hope for better days to come soon. I never really understood loss until I understood it from God’s eyes. This poem stands as a time piece of sorts, frozen at the moment when my life was teetering on a delicate balance. I wrote it with more question than statement and I don’t know if the question of why suffering happens will be answered in this lifetime. But I do know now that the things that bring suffering also offer new life because they point back to the Creator – the only one who sustains.

Tashianna Langley
Edmonton, CANADA

Note: featured image by Katy Mendez

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