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Hurting Inside by Arlo Maverick

Hurting Inside by Arlo Maverick

“Hurting Inside” is a spoken word piece/song from my conceptual album, Maybe Tomorrow. Maybe Tomorrow is the story of an up and coming musician suffering the loss of his grandmother just as his career takes off. With her death following on the heels of a breakup from his fiancĂ©, the protagonist spirals out of control seeking solace in his addictions. To save his sanity, he reluctantly begins to see a therapist. The songs on Maybe Tomorrow represent his sessions.

So “Hurting Inside” is my character talking to his deceased grandmother through his therapist. He speaks on his many fond memories of her, the valuable lessons she taught him as a child and the regret he has for not making time for his grandmother as he got older and busy with life. To write this piece I pulled from my relationship with my grandmother which is very similar to the character.

Arlo Maverick
Edmonton, CANADA

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