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I Contemplate the Beauty in Front of me and Say, IT IS GOOD

I Contemplate the Beauty in Front of me and Say, IT IS GOOD

Every morning I get up and read the news. It’s a habit I’ve had for many years now. Log on to yahoo.com or cnn.com and you will see that most news stories do not present the world in a positive light. Whether it is racist statements by presidential candidates, terrorist attacks in numerous places, or the latest celebrity gossip, there are many reasons to be pessimistic.

I sometimes observe the world like the sinking Titanic. Global warming is a real threat. We have contaminated our oceans and atmosphere in pursuit of wealth and economic power. We show little regard for how consumerism negatively affects communities in the third world, so long as as we have cheap food and clothing. Fear governs the day. We adopt a mentality of us vs. them and proclaim our nationalist views on social media. This reactionist sentiment could very well lead to a nuclear war. We continue to see income inequality in our most vulnerable populations. Racism is a monster we have yet to overcome.

Pretty depressing eh?

But what if this is just one side of the story? What would happen if I instead woke up and said, life is good? Not in an attempt to shield myself from the cruelty that exists, but in order to be inspired and motivated to do something about it. 

When I say it is good, that means that it can be improved. We do not live in a perfect world, therefore it is up to us to collectively bring about positive change. That change begins in the heart and mind. We must reboot our hard-drive that says, all is hopeless, and install a new worldview. We must feel empathy and love for every living being. We must bleed love. Your pain is my pain, and your joy is my joy.

I am saying nothing new. Philosophers, teachers and religious leaders have preached this message for centuries. But we need to be reminded each and every day.

So I awake. I turn over and see my wife slowly begin to open up her eyes. A shy smile starts to form around the edges of her lips. There is calmness in her gaze.  I contemplate the beauty in front of me and say, IT IS GOOD.

Jorge Robleto
Hannover, GERMANY

Note: featured image by Jorge Robleto

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