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The Long Walk Home by Brandon Wint

The Long Walk Home by Brandon Wint


Brandon Wint, a two-time national champion of poetry slam and one of Canada’s most beloved and well-respected spoken word artists, released his first full length album, The Long Walk Home, on April 22nd, 2016. The album, a unique one within the landscape of Canadian spoken word, is a deeply articulate, passionate exploration of one poet’s relationship to love, belonging, mortality and ancestry. The Long Walk Home was written and recorded in Ottawa, Ontario, and features contributions from such noteworthy artists as Alex Millaire (Moonfruits) and Don Charette (formerly of Big Balade). The album is a stirring, direct and thoughtful follow-up to Brandon Wint’s 2014 EP, Devotion, and takes the poet’s characteristically soft-spoken, big-hearted approach to spoken word, and marries it to classical compositions led by piano, cello, violin and viola. Stand-out tracks like “Home” display Brandon’s unique ability to reflect upon the natural world and bring it to life in visceral, striking and sensuous imagery. On the whole, The Long Walk Home manages to be nuanced, subtle, and luscious at once, providing its listeners with the sort of experience that can bring about relaxation, introspection, and at the very best of times, even healing.

The Long Walk Home is available exclusively via digital platforms. To buy the album, or to hear preview tracks, visit:

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