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I Give You Life Because Death Sucks

I Give You Life Because Death Sucks

I work with young kids on the weekends and have observed that some things never change. Regardless of culture, language and time period, kids everywhere use insults to put other people down.

You’re fat! You’re ugly! You’re stupid! You’re useless!

I have heard these words as much as my own name. I have spoken these words more than I could ever count.

Why do we use such hurtful language to communicate with one another?

Words hurt. They are needles pushed one at a time into your side. You may not feel the first one or the second one, but with time they accumulate and leave lasting scars.

Words kill. That part of your life that had so much joy and passion is treated to a burial ceremony that no one attends. This is the transition from innocence to a hardened heart; from trust to skepticism; from love to resentment.

I died a long time ago but have been resurrected. In the same way words were used to destroy me, words gave me life again.

‘You are an interesting person. Tell me more about yourself.’ ‘Oh wow, you are really smart. Can you teach me more about that?’ ‘You have a wonderful personality. I’m so glad we met!’

I don’t know your struggle. I don’t know how many times you have been called inadequate, stupid, or good for nothing… But I know what it feels like.

If people told you you wouldn’t achieve anything, well I believe you will. If you have ever been told that your outward appearance is unpleasing, well I’m here to tell you that the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in this world is a kind soul. If you have ever been the recipient of hurtful comments, well let me tell you that the heart heals. It can regenerate and become stronger than ever before.

You are strong.    

Jorge Robleto
Hannover, GERMANY

Note: featured image by Damon Fraietta

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