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How to Look Inwardly at Outside Problems

How to Look Inwardly at Outside Problems

What is at the heart of selfishness? Can we locate the source of hate? Is there something intrinsically evil about us?

My mind is perturbed and saddened by what I see and read. Another mass shooting. Another bomb explodes. Another bigoted call to close borders and expel a particular racial group.

What is in your heart?

We know that love is the answer. We know that kindness can solve the ills of humanity. We know that acceptance and understanding are the first step towards rebuilding trust.

In theory at least…

But what is in your heart?

I can only look inwardly when I’m faced with such overwhelming questions. What is in my life that needs to be changed? How can I better serve those around me? What am I doing to improve the world?

I know my heart is weak. I know it is tainted with selfishness. I am aware that my words are contradictory at times. I know that my will is frail and I often hurt those I say I love most.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

I’m going to grab my wife’s hand, look right into her big blue eyes, and then kiss her. I will repeat this as often as I need to in order to be reminded of what love feels like. I will then cook food for us, sit down and eat together. Afterwards, I will wash the dishes. This will remind me that change begins with the little things. I will call my parents and tell them how much I miss and love them. This will reiterate how important it is to be thankful to those who have sacrificed everything for me. I will spend time with one person I call friend and truly get to know them. This will be a reminder that there are others out there that need to be heard as well. I will work hard to serve humanity with the gifts that I have. Namely, the gift of words and poetry. I will use my words to uplift those who feel hopeless. This will enforce the importance of a positive message in an often negative world. I will dedicate my energy to learning as much as I can and then I will share it with anyone who would care to listen.

3,2,1… Action.

Jorge Robleto
Hannover, GERMANY

Note: featured image by Jorge Robleto

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