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How Poverty Shaped this Canadian Musician’s Life

How Poverty Shaped this Canadian Musician’s Life

At the time I wrote this song, United Way was campaigning “artists against poverty” which was something I experienced first hand growing up. In the first verse I talk about how my parents worked day and night to provide for my brother and me, and sometimes there would be no food in the fridge because the bills had to be paid. I really wanted to sound young on the song, which is why I sing in an innocent voice. However, even though a lot of the melodies are very catchy, I still wanted to make sure the rhyme schemes were there, as I do come from a more competitive Rap background. The rhymes flow as seamless as the delivery. The beat was made in about an hour with my producer Ari Rhodes. Altogether the song must’ve taken about 5 hours to complete, which is actually a pretty short time.

Edmonton, CANADA

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