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Somber Brilliance by Dominik Koppen

Somber Brilliance by Dominik Koppen

We walk out of our homes each day without much thought about our well-being (at least in the West). We get into our cars and expect that we will reach our destination safely. We cross the street without much thought about what could happen if a distracted driver drove by at that moment. We enter shopping malls without any concern about potential threats. Until something happens… This is what happened on December 19, 2016, for some residents of Berlin.

A man in a van plowed through a crowded Christmas market in a truck and killed 12.

Life is fragile. Don’t think you are invincible. Recognize your mortality. And may this not frighten you, but may it give you the courage to live this day like it’s your last. Create moments, share joy, love stronger.

Dominik Koppen

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