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Poems of Introspection by Frances Ivy

Poems of Introspection by Frances Ivy

Painting by Zohreh Valiary

Why do you cry

over lost freedom

when the only chains

you’re caught in

are the ones

you locked yourself

Frances Ivy

Image by Victor Hernandez

I will whisper to you

words of honey

I will make your soul blossom

even when winter falls around us

And I will carry your seeds

in my safest chamber

Frances Ivy

Image by Dan Hunter

Undo my hair


let me rest

Leave the window



Then go

I have been brave

for so very long

but now

I will crumble

just for a little


Frances Ivy

Image by Katy Mendez

I may not be much for you

to look at

but at least

I’m pretty


Frances Ivy

Image by David Hernández

Give me your pain,

all of your sorrows

Fold them neatly –


hand them over

I have suffered so much


I can take a little more

Frances Ivy

Frances Ivy
Stockholm, SWEDEN

Note: featured painting by Zohreh Valiary

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