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Anthropomorphism by Jared Robinson

Anthropomorphism by Jared Robinson

In 1987 when I was 8 years old, I created my very first paintings named “Pooh Bear on a train track with some honey by a window”. Since then, my art has developed through self-education, some formal education, and life experience. I like to take an idea, whether a moment of connection or a situation felt, and create a time and space around it on the canvas. The inspiration caused by seeing something evolve from nothing, and the effects that it can create, has spurred me on to developing my art.

In moments of inspiration, my best work is developed amidst the pounding beats and rhythms of music, or a movie playing repeatedly in the background. On occasion I have found myself painting in isolation on a mountaintop, while other times I paint in the midst of many others. I enjoy experimenting and getting my ideas out in a way that words may not do justice.

When I experience the world, I know in those moments that I am only experiencing a snapshot of reality. Because of the experience of both that which I can and cannot see, and because of the enormous scope of our world, my faith both informs and interprets my experience. When I consider that scope, I become all too aware of my own smallness and frailty, awareness that drives me to my knees with a deep, inner awe for life. I often find it hard to stop life and think about it …my hope is that my art will help allow a space for this reflection.

I love music, but it’s hard to predict what song I will like. Because of this, I have pondered music, and what attracts me to a particular song. I have found that I like music for two reasons: One – I will enjoy a song for its overall jingle, and Two – for the words and meaning it conveys. It is a bonus when I find a song that gives me both of these. Similar to the attractiveness of music, I try to bring across both aesthetic presence and significance in my art.

Jared Robinson is based in Edmonton, CANADA. You can enjoy more of his art on Instagram or on his website jaredrobinson.ca

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