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Music is the Poetry of Life

Music is the Poetry of Life

The birth of a child gives life to a new star in the heavens
Each star represents the life of a human on this Earth
There are bright shiny stars and stars that are fading
Some streak across the sky in a show of majestic superiority
While others disappear from existence without anyone noticing
There are billions of stars and I wonder to myself
How is it possible that you and I found each other?
How were we able to navigate this ocean of stars?

I started my journey with high expectations
A youthful spirit that had not felt defeat
But I got pulled into black holes and nearly lost my life
And with defeat came humiliation I almost turned back
Logic and reason told me it was a futile endeavour
So I hid in dark matter and sat in despair
It is there that you found me I will never know how
All I know is that now we are the brightest stars in the sky

Jorge Robleto

One of our favorite musicians in the world is Enoch Attey. A man with a joy for life like no other. His energy is contagious and his spirit inspiring. His work with disadvantaged youth and multiple collaborations with others is evidence of his kind demeanor. So when he told us that he wanted to take some of the poems written by Jorge Robleto and turn them into music, we were ecstatic to see what the end result would be. Our wildest expectations were surpassed and now we are honored to share the first of a series of songs with you.

Enoch Attey is a musician originally from Ghana now residing in Edmonton, Canada. Connect with him through Facebook or Instagram.

Note: Featured image by Roderick Stickle. Featured image on the YouTube thumbnail by Damon Fraietta

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