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Energy Released by Amauri Torezan

Energy Released by Amauri Torezan

Why do I create art?

Well, this I a natural process. It is something that I can’t even imagine not being done, it feels like a sort of energy that has to be released almost by instinct. Besides the part of energy releasing, there is also the side of bringing something to the world that could affect many people’s lives positively. So, I basically create art not only for my personal needs but also for knowing that my art might be contributing to improving other people’s quality of life.

What inspires me?

My art is mostly inspired by my own life. The music I listen to is something that moves me to create. As an abstract painter, I connect with music that I consider matching with my art, such as Jazz and experimental electronic for its harmony and sense of improvisation. My surroundings also provide me with a lot of inspirations through its colors and dynamic. Artists who created abstract art during the first half of the 20th century have been a great source of inspiration as well.

What do I want to convey with my work?

I want to deliver an aesthetic experience that can contribute to improving lives, especially through street murals where it can benefit a greater number of people.

Amauri Torezan is an abstract artist from Brazil living and working in South Florida. You can find more of his art on Instagram and his personal website. Don’t forget to support and share the work of these wonderful artists.

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