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What Have I Done With My Life?

What Have I Done With My Life?

You wake up and head to the bathroom like you always do. You start to brush your teeth, but as you stroke your toothbrush up and down, you notice something different this morning. Your eyes… they no longer twinkle like they used to.

What happened to the fire that once blazed in your gaze? What happened to the smile that would overwhelm your face when you thought about the future? What happened to the energy boost your heart felt when you talked about your goals?

You stare at yourself in the mirror for a few more seconds, and ask in a defeated voice,

What have I done with my life?

With no answer in sight, you take a deep breath and carry on with the day.

This is the story of millions of men and women across the world. People who once joyfully pursued their dreams. Humans who fought day and night for a better life, but that at some point, gave up.

Here’s the good news though, as long as there is air in your lungs and blood in your veins, you can make a change.

Are you a mother who has dedicated her life to her children, and now that they are grown up you wonder, what now?
Are you a man who has spent years working and working and now look back and question if it was worth it?
Are you dissatisfied with your current life situation?
Are you someone uncertain of what the next step should be?

If so, let’s talk.

Are you ready to discover your life purpose? Learn how to take advantage of your natural talents, embrace your passions, understand your personality and create beliefs that will empower you to live a fulfilling life. I want you to find meaning and joy in this life. I want you to pursue your dreams and to believe that they are possible. And I want to help you do it! So, let’s begin this journey of exploration together.

Contact me through e-mail: alexanderrobleto@outlook.com
Facebook: @jorgerobleto

Note: featured image by Katy Mendez

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