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Unravel Joy: Defining Happiness

Unravel Joy: Defining Happiness

Why do you want to be happy? Is it because you think it will help you have better relationships, improve your job prospects, or enjoy the little things more? You need to have a big enough reason or else you won’t be motivated to go after it.

How would you know when you’re happy? Does it mean you will go out more, have more energy in the morning, complain less?

It is important that you understand what you mean by happiness. To you, spending time with your family may bring about huge amounts of joy, and for someone else, the thought of spending an afternoon with their family only conjures negative thoughts.

It is not my job to define happiness for you, the only thing I can tell you is that happiness needs to come from within.

Are you ready to unleash the joy within you? Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, feel excited and motivated to succeed, re-wire your brain to create more happiness now, and take back control of your feelings and emotions. I want you to experience joy in your daily life. I want to see you reach your highest potential. And I want to help you do it! So, let’s begin this journey of exploration together.

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