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Unravel Joy: Ego & Identity

Unravel Joy: Ego & Identity

Everyone has adopted identities that they’ve learned from the people around them. For example, for one person, a parent is someone that is controlling and authoritarian. For another, a parent is a friend and a counselor. You see these identities played out and accept them as truth

What roles did you see growing up, from your caretakers and those around you, and in what ways do you play them out in your life?

There’s the role of authoritarian. Some people believe that they need to be strict and demanding of others. They see it from their parents and display the same behavior with their own children. There’s also the role of the pretender. They see their parents act a certain way in front of them and then put on a mask in front of others. Once you understand that you’ve adopted certain roles that may be harming you, you can then decide if you want to change and discard some of them.

Many people deal with a lot of pain and suffering and adopt these experiences as a part of who they are. They start to believe that they are Pain. They get used to these negative feelings and thoughts, so they have a hard time letting them go. Have you ever said, I am unhappy? You may be experiencing unhappiness at this moment, but unhappiness is not who you are.

You are not your job.
You are not your illness.
You are not your poor financial situation.

Once this becomes evident to you, you can then begin to adopt a new identity founded on gratitude, prosperity and joy.

Begin each morning by saying:

I am a grateful person
I forgive those who have done harm to me
I seek joy and happiness
I love and am loved

Are you ready to unleash the joy within you? Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, feel excited and motivated to succeed, re-wire your brain to create more happiness now, and take back control of your feelings and emotions. I want you to experience joy in your daily life. I want to see you reach your highest potential. And I want to help you do it! So, let’s begin this journey of exploration together.

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