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Unravel Joy: Time “The Now”

Unravel Joy: Time “The Now”

Up until now, we have focused on external factors. From this point forward, we will take a look at internal factors that affect your ability to be happy.

How much of your time and energy is spent thinking about the past or the future?

I used to spend a lot of time thinking about my past mistakes. I would beat myself up for the missed opportunities and the things I didn’t do right. Today, my focus has shifted away from the past to what I want in the future. I spend a lot of time thinking about my next travel destination, business opportunity, and people I want to contact.

If your mind is constantly in the past or the future that means that you are not living in the NOW. The past is the past and the future is unknown. The present is all you have. Since this is all you have, then you might as well pay attention to it. If your focus is not on the now, then you are missing out on the chance to experience joy in this moment. Even the most beautiful thought cannot bring you true joy because it’s not real, it’s still just a thought.

I worked in a school teaching English to children for a year and what I found to be most fascinating was their ability to be excited about the smallest things. The sight of an ant and even small pebbles brought about screams of joy from their tiny mouths. If children know what it means to live in the present, why is it so hard for us to do the same?

At this moment, you have a choice to make: Do you want to feel happy or not? Regardless of what you’re going through, you can decide to accept it for what it is. This doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your situation, it just means that you no longer allow your circumstances to rob you of your joy.

So what will your choice be?

Are you ready to unleash the joy within you? Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, feel excited and motivated to succeed, re-wire your brain to create more happiness now, and take back control of your feelings and emotions. I want you to experience joy in your daily life. I want to see you reach your highest potential. And I want to help you do it! So, let’s begin this journey of exploration together.

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