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Discover Your Life Purpose: Coincidences

Discover Your Life Purpose: Coincidences

One day I was sitting in the living room of my parent’s house searching for flights to Central America. A university classmate of mine was going to get married in Guatemala and had asked me to come down for the festivities. As I looked for flights my dad walked down the stairs and asked me what I was up to. After I finished explaining my plans to my father, he responded by saying, “you’ve been to Guatemala numerous times, why not go somewhere else?” I thought about it for a minute and said, “just for fun, I’ll take a look at flights to Europe to visit some friends there.” I found cheap flights to Germany, and messaged some friends there to see if they would host me. Two of them responded immediately by saying yes.

Those four weeks in Europe turned out to be life changing. It was during this time that my relationship with my wife began. Two years before, we had met in Costa Rica. We had developed a friendship, and had stayed in touch when she went back to Germany. But I had no idea that one day our friendship would become something more.

It’s crazy to look back on this trip and realize that my present life would not be the same if my father had not walked down the stairs that day.

The psychologist Carl Jung introduced the concept of syncronicity to the scientific community. Syncronicities are, as he put it, meaningful coincidences or seemingly random events that hold deeper meaning. If you take the time to reflect back on your life experiences, perhaps you’ll uncover some syncronicities in your past.

Fill in these sentences:

  • Just at the very moment that I needed ____________, ______________ happened.
  • Even though ____________ was hard, I see now how it was exactly what I needed.

Take a moment to think about major decisions, events or changes that have occurred in your life and note down any syncronocities that have re-routed your path.

Are you ready to discover your life purpose? Learn how to take advantage of your natural talents, embrace your passions, understand your personality and create beliefs that will empower you to live a fulfilling life. I want you to find meaning and joy in this life. I want you to pursue your dreams and to believe that they are possible. And I want to help you do it! So, let’s begin this journey of exploration together.

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1 thought on “Discover Your Life Purpose: Coincidences”

  • Remembering meaningful coincidences really helps me to appreciate my life more fully because i realize that not everything i have or do is because of my own actions. Many things have been given to me and that gives me many reasons to be thankful. Thank you for this inspiring post!

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