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Unravel Joy: Negative Patterns

Unravel Joy: Negative Patterns

You have been conditioned to respond to phrases, people, and environments in particular ways. For example, the phrase “we need to talk” may elicit bad memories from your childhood. Crowded environments may cause you to feel stressed. You may feel uncomfortable around certain types of people and get upset without knowing why.

We all have different triggers, but the result is the same. We feel angry, sad, upset, or uncomfortable.

How can you counteract these responses? By creating positive conditioning.

What are some things you can do or think about that will give you a feeling of happiness?

For me, the answer is the mountains. I grew up in the western part of Canada, not too far away from the Rocky Mountains. I remember spending many summers there with my family and friends. Any time I think about mountains, a feeling of joy and excitement overwhelms me.

Music is another very important positive trigger. Any time I sit down to write I play relaxing folk music in the background. It puts my mind at ease and allows my thoughts to flow freely.

When you feel a negative emotion inside, quickly shift your thoughts to that happy place, happy song or happy memory. In the beginning, this will be hard to accomplish, but with practice it will get easier and eventually it will become a part of who you are.

Are you ready to unleash the joy within you? Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, feel excited and motivated to succeed, re-wire your brain to create more happiness now, and take back control of your feelings and emotions. I want you to experience joy in your daily life. I want to see you reach your highest potential. And I want to help you do it! So, let’s begin this journey of exploration together.

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