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What Have I Done With My Life?

What Have I Done With My Life?

You wake up and head to the bathroom like you always do. You start to brush your teeth, but as you stroke your toothbrush up and down, you notice something different this morning. Your eyes… they no longer twinkle like they used to. What happened […]

Muse by KosCos

Muse by KosCos

Artists find inspiration in nature, traveling, and cities. But perhaps the greatest of inspirations is other people. Humans were not made to be in isolation. We crave intimacy and relationships. Although that also brings with it much frustration and pain; it is still worth it. […]

How an Aboriginal Artist Turned His Life into an Inspiration for Others

How an Aboriginal Artist Turned His Life into an Inspiration for Others

We saw Illustrated for the first time at a Poetry Slam in Edmonton. There was something very unique about his style and content. His words elicited a realism and intensity that we had not seen before. We hoped to get the chance to speak to him after the event, but that was not possible. Eventually we were able to contact him through Facebook, and that is how we were able to get a better idea of this artist and his mission. We are honoured to introduce Illustrated to our community.

Growing up in Saskatoon, North Battleford, Loydminster and Edmonton, his journey is as much a part of his writing as anything else. When we asked him where he feels most at home, his response was, on a greyhound bus. So how did this nomad of sorts begin writing poetry? He told us it was through his cousin. He was only 16 at the time, but that awoke something within him that has driven him ever since. He performed for the first time in the downtown library in Saskatoon. Although competing for the first time, he did really well and was encouraged by many in the audience to pursue his new passion.

Illustrated is an artist that is as genuine as it gets. As opposed to many mainstream artists, he only focuses on issues that impact him directly. He speaks from experience and has a wide spectrum of topics that inspire him.

Go on his Facebook page and you will read this in his intro:

I am an aboriginal spoken word poet in hopes that my writing can help someone.

Whether it is through workshops in Saskatoon, to working with youth on the numerous reservations across Western Canada, he is bringing a very important message to these communities. He shares his personal story of how art helped him deal with suicidal thoughts. He uses his story to help others work through their problems using art therapy. He hopes to help disenfranchised youth learn how to better cope with the anger and frustration they feel through writing. 

These are just a few of the messages he’s received from his followers:



Illustrated considers “The Ink in my Soul Died” as his favorite personal piece of writing. It relates the story of a man in love with a woman addicted to alcohol. It is his ability to delve into difficult topics in an insightful and poignant way, that distinguishes his writing from others.

He hopes to continue performing and doing workshops with young people for many years to come. We believe that his message will reach thousands of people in need and have a positive impact on their lives. We end this piece with a poem written by Illustrated which shows just how important it is for us to have conversations about topics that are difficult to discuss. Through his words he tells others that they are not alone. He understands their pain and fear. That alone can bring healing to a world in desperate need.

Depression held me under overwhelmed , still loved by another it’s strength over throws my stature

I hold my breath in the depths of my own disaster, moments away From being caged in what they will soon call my grave watching my faith just fall away I leapt from the edge of depression to catch death in my final direction still Gripping life in my palms its ripping a my soul knowing i will soon be gone consumed in the moments i have left I sore from my sorrows, on the wings of pestilence

I do everything to try and make amends with it

but time is not my friend and the light in my eyes have already grown dim now with every second its slowly closing in

holding fear in my expression no tears will ever cure my deception I’m here with karma lying pressed against my flesh

a kiss from crimson lips led to the midst of a bloody eclipse

it began from the tips of your lips to the edge of my wrists

at first you slit vertically and i was admitted to the emergency

but the urgency wound in each stitch adds to suffering of living with me

so you destructively cut the strings its to much the pain resists you from loving me

so your makeup runs free and its my blood that runs from you

you struggle to breathe as the tears and blood strangled me

only in the openings of each wrist

does love exist

only in the openings

of your lips does our love exist

Saskatoon, CANADA

Watch This Musician Address Poverty in the Most Powerful Way

Watch This Musician Address Poverty in the Most Powerful Way

Earlier this year I was walking around the old iHuman. A couple of youths had just shared some really deep stuff with me. I was thinking, this is really frontline work. What would happen if one of these youth divulged this information to a church […]

Beautiful Mess by Jorge Robleto

Beautiful Mess by Jorge Robleto

We are given a short amount of time on this little blue dot. The question that we must ask ourselves then is, “what will we do with the time that we have?” This book has taken me many hours to complete and it is exciting […]

How to be Inspired to Create

How to be Inspired to Create

Telescope your vision
As far as you can see
Imprint every color
Remember every tree
Look out towards the water
This is what life should be

What is inspiration?

It is looking into the eyes of your lover and smiling. It is seeing injustice and getting angry. It is reading a thought-provoking piece of writing. It is listening to the sounds produced by instruments. It is being in nature and breathing fresh air. It is listening to the wisdom of the elders. It is quiet meditation and contemplation. 

Inspiration happens everywhere, in all types of ways.

How can I be inspired to create?


It happens with paper and pen. A voice recorder. An instrument. A paintbrush. A mirror. Use what is at your disposal and what helps you express your thoughts in the best way. Experiment. Trial and error will help you discover what works best for you.

Inspiration has as much to do with the HEART as it does with the mind. Allow yourself to FEEL.

Anger. Frustration. Joy. Sadness. Excitement. Fear.

It is from the outpouring of your inner being that creativity blooms. If you are passionate, then it will be evident in what you produce.

Rise and shine
All creatures of the Earth
Rise like the sun
Make your presence known
Let your light mark the moment
That this day begins
Let your waking up announce
That darkness is gone

Go outside. Physically outside or outside of your comfort zone. Explore what is different. A new place, a new person, a new community. When you confront yourself with what is not like you, you come to understand yourself better. Use what you learn to be innovative.

Welcome every new experience. Hug it. Kiss it. Treat it like a lover you are seeing for the first time in months. Memorize the feelings and thoughts you have in these moments and use it to nourish your creativity.

Be Patient. Sometimes ideas will pour down like torrential rains; sometimes it will be a slow drip from the tap. Allow yourself to go through the process.

1. Experiment with different mediums.
2. Allow yourself to FEEL.
3. Go outside.
4. Welcome new experiences.
5. Know that it takes time.
    Create.                 Repeat.
When my life comes to an end
And I’m left with one last breath
May you hear these faint words clear
Birthing right from my old lips
“It was worth it”

Jorge Robleto
Edmonton, CANADA

Note: featured artwork by Joy Launio

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